ALUKON-quality garage door systems are the hallmark of your house. They protect your most valuable property and guarantee high comfort. You can easily open and close your door with a radio controlled handheld transmitter without leaving your car.

No swinging to the outside:

  • drive with your car directly to the garage door and just open it
  • your garage door will be no obstacle for pedestrians on the pavement

Sufficient space at wall and ceiling

  • roller door with little space requirements, keeps the walls and the ceiling clear for storage
  • roof line door with maximum clearance height – runs close to the garage ceiling
  • sectional door or as side sliding door with free garage ceiling

Arrive dry in your garage

  • roller doors are provided with an electric drive in generally and can optionally be furnished with a radio-control unit
  • roof line doors are provided with radio-control unit and one handheld transmitter in generally
  • sectional doors can be operated manually or motorised via radio


  • high-class, coated door leafs, no additional paintwork, easy to clean
  • simple manual operation in case of power break-down
  • optionally available with solar- or battery operation (roof-line door, sectional door)
  • easy to install within few hours by a specialist company
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