• Automatic barrier with a built in magnetic encoder system to detect any obstacles and command the movement reversal, as required by the EN 60335-2-103 norm related to automatic barriers. The PRESIDENT barrier reverse its movement even when it detects an obstacles during the last 5 cm of its run.
  • The cabinet is made of cast aluminium and steel, covered with a coat of epoxide paint.
  • Speed slow down in opening and closing .
  • PRESIDENT is also comprised of a base plate, a 3m (AA50075) or 4 m (AA50077). telescopic boom arm and the stickers for the boom arm.
  • A simplified installation, without the need to adjust the tension of the springs and the position of the limit switches.
  • Key release provided.
  • An inbuilt PARK 24V control board which has been arranged with the possibility to activate further features.
  • A back up battery (code ACG9511) and a battery charge board (code ACG4661) can be installed (180 cycles).

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The RAPID electro-mechanical barriers are designed to regulate rapid vehicle access in intensive applications, such as at the entrance of car parks and residential areas.

Columns come in standard orange colour with cataphoresis and thermosetting treatment. In car park applications, automatic barriers operate constantly, day-in, day-out.

That’s why the RAPID series is equipped with a fan-cooled motor, to cope with particularly intensive lifting and lowering of the boom.

The new limit switch can be easily adjusted to reduce speed in approaching.

All RAPID barriers are equipped with new control board PARK 230V.
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NORMAL is an electro-mechanical automatic barrier for industrial entrances, and because of its powerful mechanical system, it can operate booms up to 7 m long. It can go without maintenance for years.

Complete of a control board and a mechanical clutch.

In the event of power failure, there is a practical handle for moving the barrier manually.

After 20 years of production our NORMAL barrier is one of the most renowned barriers thanks to its dependability.

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