PRINCE 24V detect when the gate comes into contact with an obstacle and reverses the movement (as required by European regulations EN12453, EN12445) without the need to fit edge sensors.

The low voltage motor combined with the ENCODER allows slow-down of the gate in approaching to the final positions, giving the movement a still greater sense of safety and fluidity.

Key release provided.

PRINCE, with the optional buffer batteries, mean that black-outs will pass totally unnoticed. In fact it is possible to do up to 90 cycles during the black out period. PRINCE can work without batteries too.
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KING operators are available in various versions, for easy and functional use anywhere, from detached dwellings or apartment blocks to large company premises.

It is made and designed to operate silently and to provide long-term durability.
The mechanics, with components lubricated using special synthetic grease, the large 3-thread endless screw, the double helicalimpact-proof gear, it’s been designed to guarantee maximum silence, strength and reliability.
Thanks to these special characteristics, KING units can even be fitted on gates of big size.

KING 24V, with the optional buffer batteries, means that black-outs will pass totally unnoticed. It is possible to do up to 40 cycles during the black out period.
KING 24V can also work without batteries.
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    PREMIER has an automatic impact sensor i-FORCE to allow operation in maximum safety conditions and to permit adjustable deceleration upon approach in conformity with regulation EN12453.
    There is a mechanical anti-trespassing blocking system on the drive lever which is able to prevent the lever from moving if the wing is pushed from the outside when the gate is closed.
    T2 24V is the RIB electronic panel that has been created specially for PREMIER.
    In addition to being easy to programme, it has pedestrian opening, regulation of deceleration upon opening and closing, incorporated 433MHz radio receiver, automatic impact sensor i-FORCE for each single wing, and an auto safety test which conforms with regulation EN12453.
    On the lower part of PREMIER there are two easy to adjust mechanical stops provided as standard. As they have fine knurling they also allow for accurate gauging of the opening and closing of the wing.
    In the event of a black-out, PREMIER is quick and easy to release using the key provided. Simply turn it 180° to completely reverse the motor and allow manual movement of the wing.
    In the event of frequent black-outs instead of using the key provided to release the motor, the device can be fitted with two buffer batteries.
    These only activate during a power failure and then recharge automatically when power returns.
    To use this function connect these accessories to the product Battery recharge card (code ACG4648) and two 12V Batteries (code ACG9515).
    These two batteries allow for up to 90 consecutive cycles.
    The MEMO electronic card, for incorporation in the flashing light, indicates when the system is operating with batteries and when the batteries are almost flat.

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