Developed particularly for supporting the NQ Connect class Anti ShopLifting Systems, featuring new industrial designs, the people counters (PC) are the natural complement to the Anti ShopLifting Systems offered by MECO. The application of the network technologies allows the counters to operate in one of the two modes:

  • independent operation,
  • operation in network combination, with the installed antennas of NQ systems.

All the products in the NQ Connect group can be connected directly to a PC, as well as through a LAN or Internet connection, and using the unique CounterView software, they can be remotely managed, giving access to a variety of statistical and operational functionalities, including the possibility of tranferring the assembled data to remote posts for visiualisation and analysis.

The new family of MECO products is designed in the latest AluSlimLine fasion, and through only a laptop with the unique MeConfig software, enables the technician to fully configure all the device’s parameters. This makes the instalation fast, precise and convinient even for less experianced technicians.

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