New, double-antenna RF systems of NQ series

The NQ series protection systems (EAS Anti-shoplifting systems or protection gates), manufactured by MECO, are the completely new, digital designs of both the transmitter and receiver, bringing unparalleled possibilities of protecting the stores and shops from goods looting. The combination of the network technology with the unique solutions developed by MECO engineers allows to offer to our customers a number of advantages unavailable in typical solutions, such as:
a) the connection with other NQ class hardware and the connection to the computer and remote management, exchange of data and data visualization owing to CounterView software.
b) exchange of data with the use of the Internet.
c) significantly better stability of parameters and resistance to external interference, even if other transmitters operate nearby.

The new NQ class systems also mean the new era within the scope of configuration and fine-tuning of the Anti ShopLifting Systems. In order to do it, the installer no longer needs any tools except for the laptop with the preinstalled MeConfig software allowing:
a) the preview of the system operation environment (including the level of interference) by the means of the oscilloscope function built in.
b) full configuration of all the parameters of the Anti ShopLifting System antennas.
c) recording the configuration parameters set.
d) preparation and the printout of the report.
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