DT 2-Wire System

2-Wire systems do NOT need more cable wires to connect the components together. All the signal transfer for the system is sent via the two power wires in the power cable. Two wires non-polarity system offers a 2Easy life for installers and end users, perfect performance, long-distance coverage and reduced costs make it unbeatable.  System is suitable for houses and block developments; it can also be applied in multiple blocks project.

Door Stations (Villa)

  • DT597
  • DT595A
  • DT596S/KP
  • DT596F/ID
  • DT591/2
Door Stations (Appartment)

  • DMR11
  • DMR18

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VT 4-Wire Villa System

Widely used in houses, villas, small offices, consist of 4 different wires as P+(Power); P-(Ground); AU(Audio); VD(Video), a shielded 4×0.3mm2 cable can satisfy 30meters distance transmission.

Door stations (Villa)

  • VT595
  • VT596
  • VT591/2
  • VT584



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CAT5 Appartment System

Standard RJ45 connector for easy installs and maintains, TCP/IP based networking, Centralized power supply.

Door stations (Appartments)

  • MR18
  • MR9L




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