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Professional installers around the globe choose LightSYS™ for their mass market installations. LightSYS™ Hybrid Security System offers the ultimate flexibility, with advanced IP and GSM/GPRS communication as well as your choice of wired, wireless, or RISCO Bus detectors.

LightSYS main board technologies include plug-in GSM/GPRS and IP modules, remotely upgradeable firmware, and selectable zone resistance.

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ProSYS™ is an Integrated Security System that is simple to install, yet has the flexibility and comprehensive set of features and accessories to suit any application.

ProSYS™ has an unrivalled dual-path signaling solution with totally integrated IP and GSM/GPRS communication from within the main box. It also has advanced remote control (parameter setting) and diagnostic capabilities over all communication methods.

ProSYS™ has a proven track record with installations in thousands of organizations, including banks, commercial, retail, public establishments and more.


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